still miss them everyday

still miss them everyday


I came here to have a good timebut honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now

5 Years (2009 - 2014)Happy Split Day

5 Years (2009 - 2014)
Happy Split Day

Ok, so I'm new to the Panic fandom (I know, I'm super late and I suck haha) and I have listened to Ryan's new demos and I'm a fan of his solo work now and I have a question: Does Ryan have a girlfriend currently? Is he dating Z Berg? Because I hear they are dating, but then others say they broke up, but stayed friends. Please clear up this confusion for me? Thank you cx

Oh hello!!!!! welcome! <3 well, this is a sensitive topic, i think they have a open relationship or something like that, but he doesnt want it to be public because of the bandom drama. smart move, ryan ross.

Wait what happened with Ryan's parents?

His mum left him with his dad to build a new family, his dad used to hit him and be an alcoholic, he died during the a fever era.

why is the fandom so upset??

everyday is a new drama

everyday is a new pain

trust no one -  says a bridesmaid to a waiter

The year is 2014

Panic! At The Disco change its name for Panic! At The Fanbase


consistent fuck up! at the disco

[insp: x/x]


…he just, he comes out of nowhere at lightning speed. It’s amazing how attentive Brendon is.